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OPEN Town Council Seat


Open Town Council Seat

The Bristol Town Board, established in accord with Article 3 of the Town Law of the State of New York, is a five-member elective body, headed by the Supervisor who serves as the Chief Executive Officer and four (4) elected Council Members, who together are the legislative, policy, budget-making and appointive authority of Town Government.  Council Members serve four-year, staggered terms of office.

With the recent passing of Council Member David Parsons, there is an open seat on the Bristol Town Board.  The seat will be appointed by the Town Board until the next election cycle.

The responsibilities of a Council Member include oversite of fiscal expenditures, enacting of local laws, adoption of an annual budget, oversight of town-wide planning & zoning, recreation areas, and participation in town meetings.

Upon appointment, recommended requirements of this position include attendance of an Association of Town’s training session (offered annually in January), meeting residency requirements and most importantly; availability & willingness to attend monthly meetings.

Interested parties should contact the Supervisor or Town Clerk.  Formal requests to apply for the town council seat must be made in writing.