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Park Permit Application



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Fill it out and maill in to:

Canandaigua, NY 14424
585 229 2400




Application No.  ___________________                         Date Received______________

Applicant ______________________________________________________________________________

Address _______________________________________________________________________________

Phone Home _________________________   Cell __________________________ 

Requested date for Park use _____________________________ Hours of use _________________

Park areas/Facilities to be used _______________________________________________________

Will alcoholic beverages  be served?    _______ Yes      ______ No

If yes:  1. Type (ex. “Beer only”, Wine etc.)  ____________________________________

            2. Estimated number of guests ________________________________________

            3. Regulations of Town Parks Local Law #2 must be followed.

            4. Any applicable NYS Alcoholic Beverage Control Law provisions and State Liquor Authority are applicable.

            5. No Minors may be served.

            6. The Town reserves the right to limit the size of gatherings serving alcoholic beverages.

            7. The Town reserved the right to reject future permits based upon experiences with any applicant.

            8. Fees are not refundable if applicant cancels event.

            9.  As of May 1, 2015, Bounce Houses are no longer allowed in the Town Park. 


I have received, and understand, a copy of the Local Law for the Regulation of Town Parks of the Town of Bristol.

Date fee paid __________________ Amount paid ______________________ Check # _________________


______________________________            _________________________________

Signature of Applicant                                     Signature of Town Official


If you encounter a problem while using the Park, please call Tom Stevens at 261-2708.