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Zoning Forms

2011-Zoning Regulations are located on the Town Documents Page

Certificate of Attestation
of Exemption Instructions                                                                                                    
Insurance Requirements prior to Building Permits
being isssued
View Here
Zoning Map with Steep Slope Overlay 2016
Local Law 3 of 2016    

View Here
Hydrological Features Map View Here
Zoning Fee Schedule; View Here
Building Permit Application Download Here
Building Application Submittal Checklist     Download Here
Demolition Permit                                                                                                                                             Download

Application for a Minor Subdivision

Short Form SEQRA

Download Here



Application for a Lot Line Adjustment Download Here
Application for a Preliminary Major Subdivision Download Here
Parcel Combination Request Download Here

Application for a Site Plan Review
Site Plan Approval Process
Short Form SEQRA
Soil Erosion & Sediment Control Application and Steep slope regulations Article 13        


Download Here
Download Here
Download Here

Download Here

Area Variance Application Form Download Here
Use Variance Application Form Download Here
Special Use Permit Application Download Here
Short Environmental Assessment Form Download Here
Administrative Appeal Form Download Here
Pool Permit Application Download Here
Pool Permit Regulations Download Here
Town of Bristol Operating Permit Application Download Here
Local Timber and Harvesting Law and
Timber Harvest Permit Application
Law | Application
NYS Unified Solar Permit for small scale roof mounted residential and Commercial Solar Electric rated at a capacity of less than 25kW  Download Here
              Local Law 2 of 2019 Solar Energy Code         Download
Wood Stove Permit Download Here

Onsite WasteWater Registered Inspectors

approved by TownBoard