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Town Statistics

Land Use
Type of Use Acres
Residential 8,191
Agricultural/Conservation 5,444
Vacant-Other 3,249
Vacant-Agricultural 1,882
Seasonal Residence 1,574
Vacant-Residential 1,467
Community Services 491
Commercial 325
Vacant-Commercial 158
Recreational 90
Industrial 41
Public Services 25
Total Acres 22,937


Town Address:
Town of Bristol
6740 County Road 32
Canandaigua, New York 14424

Fred Stresing

Karen Maczynski

Municipal Governmental Center:
The government buildings are located on County Road #32, west of Bristol Center. The center includes the Town Hall, Town Highway Garage, and Levi Corser Memorial Park.

At present, Bristol students attend school in the following four school districts: Canandaigua City School, Bloomfield Central School, Naples School, and Honeoye Central School.

Bristol's eight acre park is used throughout the year by residents and visitors, alike. Families continue to use our facilities for reunions, picnics, and even weddings. The health minded use our track, children use our playground, and the sports minded use our courts for volleyball, tennis and basketball. Bristol's well manicured fields have attracted unorganized baseball games and sanctioned soccer leagues.
To reserve the Levi Corser Park Pavilion for your activities call the Town Hall at 229-2400.



The 1990 population of the Town of Bristol was 2,071, a 14.9% increase over the 1980 census. The 2000 town population was 2,421 a 17% increase over the 1990 census.  The 2010 town population was 2,315, a decrease of approximately 5%.  The 1990 population of Ontario County was 95,101, a 7.0% increase over the 1980 census. The 2000 Ontario County population was 100,224, an approximate 6% increase over 1990.  The 2010 Ontario County population was 107,931, an approximate increase of 8%. 

Population Characteristics:
The distribution of the population by age groups for the Town of Bristol evidences that Bristol is an aging community. Comparison between 1960 and 2010:

Age 1960 1990 2000 2010
0-18 42.6% 28.0% 22.2% 21%
19-54 38.5% 57.0% 60.5% 46%
55-64 9.1% 7.5% 9.1% 20%
65+ 9.8% 7.5% 8.2% 13%


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