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Ontario County Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMAP) & Town of Bristol Annex

The Ontario County Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMAP) outlines the purpose of the Plan, the planning process, a demographic profile of Ontario County, a county-wide risk assessment of 12 natural hazards:

  • - Drought
    • - Extreme heat/cold                                                         
  • - Flood
  • - Hail
  • - Ice & snow  storm
  • - Landslide
  • - Lightning
  • - Tornado
  • - Wildfire
  • - Wind


and 7 human caused hazards:

  • - Dam failure
  • - Fire
  • - Hazardous materials
  • - Infestation
  • - Terrorism - Utility failure _
  • - Water supply contamination 


Starting on page 290 of the file, the Plan also updates the status of mitigation strategies from the 2018 plan, identifies at least one mitigation strategy to address each natural hazard in each municipality, and reviews the process for Plan maintenance.

Plan Appendices A to G (p 615) summarize involved participants, public survey results, critical facilities, meeting documentation, state and federal funding opportunities, and other required information. 

  Click here to read the plan: All Hazard Mitigation Plan | Ontario County, NY - Official Website (


        Click here to read the Town of Bristol Annex of the plan: Town of Bristol Annex file