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Evergreen Cemetery - U-Z

Also known as

Baptist Hill Cemetery

Last Names by: A-EF-JK-PQ-TU-Z

Evergreen Cemetery

Evergreen Cemetery

Last Name

First/Middle Name


Family Notes


UHL Gertrude McCombs 1925-1991 wf of Robert  
VAN VLIET Alice 19xx-2000 wf of Morris  
VANDEUSEN James 1901-1985    
VANDEUSEN Maria Paull 1849-1876    
VANDEUSEN Marie 1908-1981    
VANG Andrew 1947-1999    
VANG Andrew 1946-1999    
VANORMAN Bertha Grandy 1882-1950    
VANORMAN Myron 1873-1957    
VANVLIET Alice 19xx-2000    
VINCENT Stella L 1889-1974    
VINCENT Thomas Youngs 1858-1928 son of James & L Smith  
VORREY Rachel Rogers 1921-1994    
WADEN Doris    1925-1981 wf of Raymond  
WADEN Raymond 1921-2004    
WAGNER Edward C 1951-1960    
WAGNER Norton Lee 1954-1960    
WAGNER Richard C 1952-1960    
WAGNER Ruth Jones 1930-1957    
WALDRON Charles C 1811-1884    
WALDRON Charles R 1867-1922    
WALDRON Emily Dunham 1831-1859 wf of Charles C  
WALDRON Frankie E 1859-1875 dau of Charles & Emily  
WALDRON George W 1819-1897    
WALDRON Hannah J 1837-1867    
WALDRON Joseph 1780-1864 wf Molly  
WALDRON Juliaette Dunham 1834-1918 wf of Charles C  
WALDRON Martha 1781-1813 wf of Stephen  
WALDRON Molly Burt 1781-1823 wf of Joseph  
WALDRON Phebe A 1750-1823    
WALDRON Susan L 1857-1858 dau of Charles & Emily  
WALDRON   1809-1882    
WALES J Eugene 1854-1904    
WALES Mary J Reardon 1850-1926    
WALES Viola Fitch 1856-1941 wf of Eugene  
WALKER Chloe Wheeler 1773-1844 dau of Capt Aaron  
WALKER Florence Parker 1865-1933 wf of John  
WALKER Henry H  18xx-1828    
WALKER John Camp 1860-1917    
WALKER Perez 1769-1807 wf Chloe  
WALKER Ruby Hall 1891-1969    
WALKER Tisdale 1785-1816    
WALL Clinton 1929-2008 wf Joyce WW II
WALPOLE Susan   1800-1876    
WALPOLE Thomas    1799-1881    
WARD Ann Kennedy 1936- wf of Bernard  
WARD Bernard 19xx-1991 wf Ann  
WARD Bernard 1977-1998    
WARD Betty Lou 1933-2002    
WARD George xxxx-2010    
WARD George   1900-1963    
WARD Henrietta Sauerbier 1912-1995    
WARD Jean 1914-1971 wf of Fred  
WARD May 1899-1976    
WARD Robert 1977-1998    
WARD Wesley 1910-1973   WW II
WARD Wilfred W. 1935-2009    
WARD Wilfred Fred 1908-1977 wf Jean  
WARREN Carl E 1898-1929 son of Ralph  
WARREN Charles 1879-1963    
WARREN Edna Dunham 1876-1925 wf of Charles    
WARREN Ralph B 1902-1902 son of Carl E & EM  
WARREN Ralph W 1918-1943 son of Ralph B WW II
WASHBURN Fannie A 1885-1969    
WASHBURN Jennette 1984-2006    
WASHBURN Malvina Lee 1845-1929    
WASHBURN William 1850-1916    
WATSON Basil 1893-1968 wf Fannie Reed  
WATSON Fanny Reed 1891-1971    
WATTS Merton      
WELLS Anne 1901-1977    
WELLS Harrison 1889-1974    
WELLS Ira G 1866-1929    
WELLS Joshua 1766-1855    
WELLS Leo 1880-1958    
WELLS Lloyd 1907-1996    
WELLS Lyda Murray 1887-1922 dau of E D & Nel Johnson Wells  
WELLS Mabel C Johnson 1862-1944    
WELLS Mary        1771-1859    
WELTON Emily 1827-1909    
WESLEY Jeanette 1921- wf of Leonard  
WESLEY Leonard 1913-1979 wf Jeanette  
WEST   Nathan 1774-1846    
WESTFALL Elma F 1832-1846 dau of JM & S  
WESTFALL Moses J 1835-1835 dau of JM & S  
WETMORE Julia 1826-1889 wf of B B J  
WHEAT Arlington Fitch 1872-1945    
WHEAT Clarissa Fitch 1845-1917 wf of John  
WHEAT Floy 1881-1881 dau of John  
WHEAT John M 1835-1918   Civil War
WHEAT Maude Dormer 1875-1957    
WHEATON Almira Hurlburt 19xx-1919 wf of William  
WHEATON Alva 1833-1903 wf Esther  
WHEATON Amy Bosworth 1834-1919 wf of Charles    
WHEATON Amy Francis 1850-1910 wf of Edwin  
WHEATON Carrie A 1840-1859    
WHEATON Charles 1821-1896 wf Amy  
WHEATON David 1792-1882 wf Polly  
WHEATON Esther Forman 1834-1884 wf of Alva  
WHEATON Frances Maria 1847-1847 dau  of Seth & Pheobe  
WHEATON Garrett F 1858-1935 wf Mira  
WHEATON J Edwin 1853-1937 wf Amy  
WHEATON James D   Infant son of Garrett & Mira  
WHEATON James N 1827-1844 son of David & Polly  
WHEATON Josephus 1824-1908 wf Sarah  
WHEATON Kathryn Sloan 1933-1973    
WHEATON Lawrence 18xx-1888    
WHEATON Lois 1899-1997    
WHEATON Mary A Forman 1827-1865 wf of Josephus  
WHEATON Mira Davis 1861-1942 wf of Garrett  
WHEATON Nellie 1870-1876    
WHEATON Phebe A 19xx-1913 dau of Seth & Pheobe  
WHEATON Pheobe A Stone 1825-1891 wf of  Seth  
WHEATON Polly Pierce 1799-1885 wf of David  
WHEATON Ruth 1958-1994    
WHEATON Ruth 1894-1977 dau of Garrett & Mira  
WHEATON Sadie 1875-1876    
WHEATON Sarah Benedict 1825-1901 2nd wf of Josephus  
WHEATON Seth F 1823-1897 wf Pheobe  
WHEATON Shane 1968-1994    
WHEATON William H 1852-1881 wf Almira  
WHEATON Willie 1870-1874    
WHEELER Aaron 1833-1892    
WHEELER Achsah M Andrews 1835-1924 wf of John  
WHEELER Amy E 1834-1841 dau of Sylvester & Betsey  
WHEELER Avah M 1899-1905    
WHEELER Belle Hicks 1856-1944 wf of George  
WHEELER Betsey Hicks 1798-1889 wf of Sylvester  
WHEELER Caroline J 18xx-1829    
WHEELER Carrie L Packard 1859-1944 wf of Charles    
WHEELER Charles 1853-1931 son of Cyrus & Hopey Taylor Wheeler
WHEELER Charles R 1888-1975    
WHEELER Dorothy E 1924-1924 dau of Roy & Elsie  
WHEELER Edith Adele 1871-1875 dau of John  
WHEELER Elnathan Gooding 1828-1828 son of Aaron & Nancy  
WHEELER Elsie E Henty 1885-1925 wf of Roy  
WHEELER George A 1856-1939 wf Belle  
WHEELER Gladys 1888-1944 wf of Harold  
WHEELER Harold 1879-1908    
WHEELER Herbert D 1886-1966    
WHEELER Isabelle A 1849-1858 dau of Sylvester H & Mary  
WHEELER James B 1794-1856    
WHEELER Jennie Gracey 1892-1984 wf of Leslie  
WHEELER Jesse 1864-1944    
WHEELER Jessie E 1888-1969    
WHEELER John B 1833-1911 wf Achsah  
WHEELER Julia 1822-1827    
WHEELER Katie Rowe 1862-1939 wf of Jessie  
WHEELER Maria A 1827-1837 dau of Sylvester & Betsey  
WHEELER Mary Cudworth 1834-1870 1st wf of Sylvester  
WHEELER Ralph Leslie 1883-1988 1st son of Sylvester H  
WHEELER Roy 1883-1960    
WHEELER Serena Cleveland 1843-1930 2nd wf of Sylvester  
WHEELER Sylvester 1779-1834   WAR of 1812
WHEELER Sylvester H 1829-1901    
WHIPPLE see Marcellus M Dianne Marble 1936-    
WHIPPLE Richard 1931-1984   Korea
WHITCOMB Ellen Yule 1917-1991    
WHITCOMB Kenneth 1915-1978    
WHITE Lillian Treble 1988-1988    
WHITING Francis E 18xx-1842    
WICKHAM Jeanette Francis 1844-1923 wf of William  
WICKHAM William John 1832-1890    
WICKHAM Willie 1866-1867    
WIDMAN Bruce 1940-2008    
WIDMAN Herbert A 1897-1981    
WIDMAN Nancy R Francis 1905-1990    
WIDMAN William Porter 1890-1972    
WIEDERHOLD Louise 1904-1969    
WIEDERHOLD Theodore C 1929-1955   Korea
WIEDERHOLD Theodore F 1901-1971 wf Louise  
WILDER Betsie Gregg 1847-1926 wf of Edward  
WILDER Edward 1844-1914    
WILLIAMS Carlton 1909-1988    
WILLIAMS Fannie 1835-1862    
WILLIAMS Isaac 1798-1858    
WILLIAMS Loretta Youngs 1805-1847 wf of Wareham  
WILLIAMS Mildred 1900-1980 wf of Carlton  
WILLIAMS Prudence 1835-1915    
WILLIAMS Wareham 1795-1858    
WILLIS Esha Samuel 1982-1991    
WILLSON Sillick 1794-1855    
WILSON Hazel 19xx-1995    
WILSON Samuel B 1850-1926    
WILSON Wilbur xxxx-2005    
WINSLOW Fanny Taber 1798-1884 wf of Nathaniel  
WINSLOW Sarah      1827-1884    
WITZEL Clyde C 1952-1982    
WITZEL Ethel E 1900-1983    
WITZEL Harold 1898-1977    
WITZEL James   1920-1990   WW II
WITZEL Lewis 1922-1998    
WITZEL Lucinda 1952-2011    
WOLCOTT A Spencer 1827-1911    
WOLCOTT Anson 1787-1864    
WOLCOTT Lurinda Hawley 1802-1949    
WOLCOTT Sarah P 1832-1850 dau of A & L  
WOOD Bernard L 1937-2001   Korea
WOOD Dr Andrew 1791-1841    
WOOD Elizabeth Dunham 1837-1920 1st husband Warner Phillips / wf of Harrison
WOOD Harrison D 1852-1913 son of Roderick & Ann Wilder Wood
WOOD John   1896-1976    
WOOD Lois 1897-1980    
WOOD Ruth Lois 19xx-1935    
WORDEN Alzina W 1828-1951 dau of Samuel & Sally  
WORDEN Blanch 1893-1966    
WORDEN Ethel M 1890-1896 dau of George & Eva  
WORDEN Eva Bartlett 1860-1929    
WORDEN Francis   1843-1868 son of Samuel & Sally  
WORDEN George 1858-1958 son of Sylvester & Mary Culver Wood
WORDEN John Wesley 1841-1860 son of Samuel & Sally  
WORDEN Mary Jane 1838-1861 dau of Samuel & Sally  
WORDEN Sally Burton 1802-1888 wf of Samuel  
WORDEN Samuel 1824-1875 son of Samuel & Sally  
WORDEN Samuel   1802-1878    
WORDEN Sarah M 1826-1908 dau of Samuel & Sally  
WRIGHT Della 1901-1985    
WRIGHT John 1897-1970    
WRIGHT Marion Fisher Bliss 1891-1978 2nd wf of Rev Harry Wright  
WRIGHT Miriam 1817-1908 wf of Nathaniel  
WYLAND Fhris 2003-2008    
YATES Richard 1936-1972    
YOUNG Frances Pomeroy 1867-1925 wf of William  
YOUNG William B 1870-1936   Spainish Am
ZINK Norbert 1918-1990    
ZINK Trudy Thornbill 1924-    


Last Names by: A-EF-JK-PQ-TU-Z

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